Anna’s headed to Cuba! We talk about travel experiences, and the time Rachel was almost stuck in Mexico. Plus, travel tips and what we would want on a deserted island.

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Rachel’s Top 5 tips for Traveling:

  1. Pack what you’ll use later in the trip at the bottom of your suitcase
  2. On a cruise, make sure you have someone to hang out with
  3. Always bring more underwear than you think you’ll need
  4. Make sure you have plenty of time to get to where you need to be
  5. Fill your water bottle with ice to get through security and then it’ll melt and you’ll have water!
  6. Bring wipes to clean the seatback tray on the plane

Anna’s Top 5 tips for Traveling:

  1. Bring plastic bags for your dirty clothes
  2. Bring food to the airport since the food at the airport is expensive.
  3. For liquid bottles, like shampoo, uncap bottle put plastic wrap over top and then put the lid back on so it doesn’t explode in your luggage
  4. With Spotify or Apple Music, download your music ahead of time so can listen on the plane
  5. Bring sunscreen and bug spray, also for a hot location get a Frog Togg cooling towel
  6. Bring deodorant
  7. On the plane, don’t be rude. Don’t take both armrests if you’re in the middle seat
  8. Triple check that you have your phone charger

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