As a kid, it was always perplexing to me to figure out why Good Friday was “good” if we were remembering when Jesus died. But it is Good. We discuss why on this episode. Plus a fabulous poem by Deb to remember what Christ did for us.

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Show Notes:

A Holy Week A-B-C
“Abba, it’s me, Jesus.
Before all the crazy stuff starts, I just wanted to hear your voice again.
Can I ask you a question?
Do you think there’s another way to reconcile mankind?
Even though I know the pain will be insane, I’m willing to go through with it.
Father, I just don’t want to be separated from You!
God, you & me are one!
How can I possibly endure the agony of being wrenched away from you?
I am in you & you are in me…
Just tell me, is there any way for this cup to pass from me?
Keep me for as long as possible…
Let me hear your voice…
My God, my God…please don’t forsake me…
Never let it be said of me that I was a coward.
Oh, my Father, I need you.
Please, don’t go.
Quiet my heart in the face of my torturers.
Remind me that you will save the day…
Still my anxious heart,
Tell me again of your unfailing love,
Unless a seed falls to the grounds & dies…I know, I know.
Victory over sin & death is worth it all!
Whatever you say, I will do; I will obey.
X (Christ) will rise again…
You are my God.
Zero pain, zero gain!”

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