What should you keep in mind when parenting kids ages 5-9? That what we discuss on today’s episode. We discuss helping your kids discover their talents, training them to be kind, chores, allowance, having fun, not judging other parents, discipline, spanking, and screen time.

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Main Ideas for parenting 5-9 yr olds:

  1. Train them up in the way they should go

    • find out what makes your kid unique and fan that flame
  2. Be kind

    • Your job is to train them to be kind. If you catch them being unkind, then (in a kind voice) stop them, tell them that didn’t sound/seem very kind, and ask “do you want to try that again?”
    • Give them second chances to be kind, don’t just harshly scold them the first time they are unkind.
    • Remember this is a training season, being kind doesn’t come naturally.
  3. Keep it simple

    • Don’t over commit your child with a ton of activities
    • It’s important for them to have “down time”
    • It’s okay for your kids to be bored
    • It will cultivate their imagination
  4. Introduce chores

    • Kids love to help at this age
    • They like to feel like they’re contributing
    • It might take twice as long, but you’re training them to do it themselves later
  5. Introduce allowance

    • Teach them about money
    • Give, save, spend
    • Teach them that money comes from work
  6. Have fun

    • Get on their level
    • Be active with them
  7. Don’t judge other parents

    • You don’t know what kind of day they had
    • They may have been perfect all day except for this one moment you see them
  8. Discipline

    • Spanking is still okay at this age but should be used sparingly
    • You should have more tools in your discipline toolbox
    • Be clear on expectations
  9. Screen Time

    • You have to limit their time on screen
    • Under 3 they don’t need it at all
    • Older than that there should be time limits, iOS 12 and Android allows you to put limits on it.
    • They should not sleep with their screens
    • Just as important to guarding them from the dangers on the internet, kids need their sleep to grow. And unfettered access to screens will keep them up all hours of the night.
    • They should have time away from screens
  10. They’re smelling what you’re stepping in

    • Your kids are watching your behavior not just hearing your words
    • This is the age kids will start to realize if you’re a hypocrite or not
    • How you treat your spouse and other people will be what they learn is the normal way to treat people

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